Shynna Montague

**Head of Sales & Events** Shynna is an expert at building and maintaining strong customer relationships and has a passion for understanding client needs. Shynna looks after all properties in our portfolio.

Caileigh Kennedy

**Consultant - Premium Dining & Accommodation** Caileigh is skilled at taking an event from concept to reality and can help with all your event planning needs. She enjoys taking an event from initial planning stages, through to putting all the pieces in place for final execution. Caileigh enjoys seeing how it all comes together on the day to create a successful event. Being client focused and skilled at relationship building, she has a decade of experience in corporate events and fine dining. Caileigh is enthusiastic about promoting the amazing properties of Above 8 Bar & Lounge, and Hotel Mountain Heritage.

Robyn Colantonio

**Consultant -Corporate** Robyn is a versatile and skilled professional with a deep understanding of all thing’s events, event planning and operations management. Robyn possesses extensive experience in the hospitality industry and excels at overseeing all aspects of event execution, from initial client contact to final wrap-up. With expertise in organising and executing corporate events, including meeting, conferences and product launches, Gala Dinners, Trades shows, Robyn consistently delivers exceptional experiences that exceed customer expectations.